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Birding Journeys is a niche that has fully grown over the years as nature and adventure lovers take on journeys into bird life.

Fortunately, east Africa has a variety of birds of over 1500 species including endemics that occur only here. Join Our Discovery Birding Journeys for exclusive encounters. 

Discovery Birding Journeys.
Shoebill Stork. Discovery Birding Journeys.

Rwanda Birding Safaris

There are several important birding safari areas in the region starting with Akagera National Park. Akagera is the largest protected wetland with a reasonable area made of swamp and Borges. This type of ecosystem attracts several bird species including the shoebill storks. African fish eagles, grey crowned cranes, Marabou stork, Papyrus gonolek, giant kingfisher, and many others.

Nyungwe National Park is the leading Rwanda birding safari destination. The park has one of the remaining oldest forests in East and Central Africa. Its location in the Albertine Rift Valley also makes it a unique destination harboring species of the greater Rwenzori and Albertine basins. Notable birds in Nyungwe include the great blue Turaco, Rwenzori Turaco, Rwenzori night Jar, Kivu-ground Thrush, Regal sunbird, and many others.

Uganda is another great birding safari and Discovery Journeys destination we feature on our birding journeys. Uganda has several birding ecosystems including the Mabamba Bay on Lake Victoria. Mabamba is home to the rare shoebill stork, East Africa’s most sought-after Bird. Other notable birds there include Papyrus Gonolek, black egret, Black crake, and many others.

The Nile Delta in Murchison Falls National Park is another great birding area where you can see the shoebill stork as well. An early morning boat cruise to the Nile Delta offers you an opportunity to see several birds and other big mammals including hippos and crocodiles. While on game drives in the park, you also get to see other wildlife species including vultures.

Kibale National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable, and other forested wild places in Uganda are also great birding areas. With the diverse ecosystems comes a great deal of variety of birds. The most beautiful part of the forested wild places is exploring them on foot where you get a chance to get close to the wild enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Some of the bird species in Kibale National Park include the great blue Turaco, tropical boubou, African pied wagtails, grey parrots, black bee-eaters, and others.

In Bwindi, the MuBwindi swamp has a variety of birds including the African green pigeon, Flycatchers, crowned hornbill, and giant kingfishers among others.

Kenya Birding Tours

Kenya is one of the best birding tour destinations in East Africa. There are several Rift Valley lakes in Kenya including Lake Nakuru with millions of flamingos and great pelicans. Ostriches, Guinea fowls, ground hornbills, eagles, and weavers are among some of the notable birds seen while on birding safaris in Kenya.

All the protected areas in Kenya from Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Lake Naivahsa are great for birding tour experiences. This can be done concurrently with big five safaris or we can arrange for you specific birding safaris depending on your preference.

The best birding safaris in East Africa are from November to May when migratory birds from as far as Europe set in. This doubles as a wet season and its peak in November, April, and May can be hard for game drives as some trails become impassable. The rains however favour the growth of lush and some grazers do have to go far for grazing. This makes wildlife spotting a little easier.

Just ensure to book with us your birding tour adventures in Advance especially when you plan to visit in the dry season.

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